Yoyo The Ricecorpse Collab 2022 -Interview with the artist ♥︎

Yoyo The Ricecorpse Collab 2022 -Interview with the artist ♥︎
The time has swung back around again when my good friend Yoyo and I have decided to do another collaboration!
Back in 2020 I pitched to Yoyo that I would love to turn one of her beautiful illustrations into one of my silk scarf creations. She enthusiastically agreed and we got to work. I focussed on creating a nice border to finish off one of her illos and settled on something simple to let her work do the talking! Unfortunately the pandemic slowed down our plans initially but finally after almost two years our little project is available! Our collaboration silk scarf is available to purchase now until stocks last!  

To celebrate, I thought I would get ahold of Yoyo and do a small interview to share with you all. Enjoy: ♡

A: What are your thoughts on our new collab?

Y: Oh I love it!! so friggin cute! It bring back memories of my Japan travels too.

A: You’re so popular on TikTok now! tell us a bit about it your recent animations and your thought process when you create them

Y: No thoughts. I don't think too much before or during the animation process.  Just whatever sound that's vibing and anything flows on the drawing pad.



A: Your characters Hibud and ramen friends have really expanded since we last collab’d. What are your plans for these cute guys?

Y: I hope I can make a bigger comic about ramen friends one day! Just too broke to do it now...

A: Which of your characters is mostly based on you? And why?

Y: I think it's a combination of Tom and Naomi to be honest! I can be really silly and bouncy like Tom and also I am just an introverted manga (One Piece) nerd like Naomi. 



A: How was the pandemic for you? How has it affected your work?

Y: Well, it's been very up and down. I had gone through probably my longest art block from 2020 and only managed to pick up the pen in Jan 2021. It was a disaster at the beginning. I had so much trouble with freight and the post office they almost stopped me from creating. I think I had to force myself to relax in the end because there was not much I could do during the lockdowns. 

A: What’s the most memorable response You’ve had about your work, good or bad?

Y: Just how popular Bun's bum has gotten... I guess it's pretty good uwu!




A: What’s next for Yoyo the Ricecorpse? ;)

Y: Haven't planned that far yet but I may have sampled some pretty wild apparels for this year...we shall see.

A: Do you reckon we will do even MORE collabs in the future?! 




Our collaboration scarf is now available to purchase in both of our web-shops:

Here & Here

Thanks for reading ♡

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