Do you ship worldwide?

Yes I do! You can read more about my shipping policy here.

I ordered via Tracked and Signed shipping, where is my tracking number?

Please email me via my contact page for your tracking number. Include your name, what you ordered and your order number for a quicker response! When you have your tracking number you can track your parcels progress via royalmail.com


ALXNDRA is simply just a one woman show! Hello; I am Alexandra Cook, London based freelance illustrator with a penchant for turning my illustrations into physical products! I am working on a little journal for my website where I can let you know a little more about me and my work, coming soon.


Why do you do pre-orders?

Pre-orders help a small brand like mine attempt some awesome product ideas bringing them from pen and paper to reality! This feature also allows me to only order the necessary amount of products depending on how many of you guys order. This is important to me because this way I can reduce my shop wastage; I won't over order, fabric excess is minimised and overall my eco-footprint is reduced! 

How long is the pre-order ordering time?

This can vary from 2-4 weeks but check each specific product info for more definite times.

How long does it take to produce?/ How long do I have to wait to get my order?

Production times are only an estimate and can vary from 6-8(+) weeks. This many seem like a long time but it's really not considering how many human hands it needs to pass through to make each piece! Each pre-order is lovingly checked over during production and handmade right here in London by an incredible dress maker (yes, ONE AMAZING woman!) before it is sent out to you. Obviously we strive to make things quicker for you and the minute they are finished they are sent out without hesitation but good things take time and rushing for quantity over quality's sake is just not the ALXNDRA way 💪🏻 .

Can I add other non-pre-order items along with my pre-order?

Yes of course! But bear in mind that those extra items added to your pre-order cart will be shipped out when your pre-order is ready so if you don't mind the wait... If you do wish to have those extra items shipped to you earlier for any reason I suggest you order seperately from your pre-order.

I changed my mind on my pre-order purchase, can I get a refund?

I don't accommodate requests for refunds on any of my products and pre-orders are no exception (Refund policy here). However, if you feel like you might prefer something else amounting to your pre-order instead, just email me via my contact page and I am sure I can help facilitate an exchange for a different item/s in your order. Please bear in mind this is only available during the pre-order period as at this point they will not be at the manufacturing stage. It is better to be sure about your purchase before you commit. If you have any reservations and wish to ask me any questions about a pre-order that is not within this FAQs section, I can happily chat to you about them. Again just email me via my contact page.

Do you do Wholesale?

Yes, I do offer a select collection of my products up for wholesale and would love to expand. Many of my products are not set up for wholesale (such as pre-order items) however if you are still keen to be an exclusive stockist of a specific product/s contact me and we can discuss options and wholesale minimums. If you are a store in real life or just online and would like to wholesale my products, please contact me via my contact page.

Do you do commissions or special order requests?

Yes, I do sometimes take commissions depending on my current work load. If you would like to commission me or have enquiries about possible special orders, please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas further and get a quote/hourly cost sheet.