How To Care For Your ALXNDRA Scarves.

How To Care For Your ALXNDRA Scarves.
Silk is a delicate fabric, and you may feel nervous about washing your Alxndra silk scarves. Because of this, anything made from silk can often be an off putting product to invest in.
I know exactly what you're thinking; "how can I care for this, will it be high maintenance?". Don't worry, with the right steps, caring for your silk Alxndra products will be much simpler than you think!


Dry Clean

The easiest way of washing your silk scarf can sometimes be by leaving it up to the experts at the dry cleaners to help extend the life of your silk and keep its subtle lustre and delicate hand feel (especially if we’re talking stains).
However for the money savvy of you out there, hand washing is also a great option to keep your silk scarves in tip-top, fresh and clean condition!


Hand Wash

  1. Fill a basin or clean sink with lukewarm to cool water.

  2. Find an eco friendly, mild silk-friendly detergent. Preferably something that states that it is "suitable for silk". 

  3. Mix a few drops of detergent in with your water.

  4. Submerge your silk scarf into the basin and leave to soak for about 3 minutes.

  5. Using your hand, swish the scarf around the water, slowly and gently.

  6. Now rinse your scarf gently with cold water to remove the soap.

  7. To dry your scarf, do not rub/ring out excess water (this will damage the fibres), lay out onto a dry towel and roll with the scarf between the towel to remove extra moisture.

  8. Lay flat or hang gently over a drying rack out of direct sunlight to allow to dry naturally.

Taming Wrinkles and Creases

Silk has a tendency to crease so here are some useful tips on how to best prep your scarf before you wear it.

  • Most wrinkles and creases are best to steam out using a steamer
  • If you do not have a steamer, try hanging it gently in the bathroom while you take a shower (away from the splash zone!) to allow the natural steam to help beat the creases.
  • To iron your scarf, always put a thin cloth between your scarf and the iron. Set your iron to the lowest setting or the "silk" setting.
  • Do not spray or wet the silk when ironing (or ever) as water can leave stains on dry silk.



Here's a few extra tips to keep your scarves fresh for when you want to wear them next.

  • Keep your scarves out of the sun when storing to avoid the colour fading over time.
  • If you're planning to store for a long time, store safely in a breathable fabric bag. Plastic locks moisture so steer clear of that (not to mention it isn't so environmentally friendly!), natural cotton drawstring bags or a box are usually great options.
  • Moths unfortunately love silk 🙃, so use natural moth repellent items in your bag storage.

How often should I wash my silk scarf?


This is a funny question since it really depends on how often you wear a particular scarf or how you wear it, for that matter. Are you really digging the "wear your scarf as a crop top" trend? If this is the case I would treat your scarf more like an actual garment rather than just an accessory. So the answer would be: often!
However if you like to wear your scarf in a more traditional way I would suggest washing or "bathing" your scarves around 3-5 times a season.


Well there you are! A few things to remember when looking after your Alxndra scarves but really simple when you actually put it into practice. I hope this post helps you to enjoy your scarves for years to come :)

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Elena November 30 2021

I’ve heard that in WW II, soldiers carried around strategic maps printed on silk handkerchiefs which they could discretely tuck away into their pockets.

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