ALXNDRA Collaborates: Yoyo The Ricecorpse

ALXNDRA Collaborates: Yoyo The Ricecorpse
Yoyo The Ricecorpse is a London based freelance illustrator and imaginative visionary! OK, ok I know I am being biased too as Yoyo is also an extremely good friend of mine :)

Our History:

We met a handful of years ago on the wonderful world of the internet. Back when instagram communities were still an emerging thing, we connected through a love of illustration and an appreciation of each others work and took the plunge to meet in real life! Mission success as it’s safe to say I don’t think I could ask for a better friend to share my nerdy passions with or to lament about the struggles of freelance life with.

In 2018, our first Valentines Day collaboration was released. We originally had the idea to create a sub-brand consisting purely on collaboration items under the title of “FRIENDfriends”. Of course we both got too busy to keep this idea up but FRIENDfriends did not die a complete conceptual death as it now lives on with our second collaboration project “Cake Dates”!



“Cake Dates” consists of our most ambitious project together yet! It is a limited edition mini-collection of a hawaiian style shirt and an oversized style tent dress eco-printed with a detailed repeat print both Yoyo and I worked on together. The idea for “Cake Dates” came about exactly how it sounds. One of our favourite ways to hang out is to have a literal cake date. We visit some of our favourite cafes in London, eat what can only be described as ‘too much’ cake and have a good ‘ol catch up! Matcha is usually our choice of poison and was a no-brainer for the theme. A classic artists’ “see it, draw it” moment!

Pre-orders began on Feb 14th and will end March 14th.
You can Pre-Order the Yumi Shirt and Kumi Dress Here.


Let's Interview! 

I thought what better way to expand on the finer details of our collaboration than to hand over the reigns to Yoyo herself. I sent her a few questions and here’s what she had to say.


A: So we have been buddies for a while now! How about you explain to our readers in your own words what our first meeting was like? :D

Y: Where do I begin? Once upon a time... I mean it was fate right? xD I don't remember when exactly we started chatting on social media, but I remember you bought my first sweatshirt design and zinebook and I bought your first tee and zine (the fruit one) and it was like, "hey... why don't we get cakes? since we are both based in London?" I thought you were a cool fashion lady who is probably monotone and had a drawing hobby on the side! Haha you have a unique fashion sense that's in contrast with your cute drawings! After our first coffee I learned that actually we are very similar. we both did a degree in an art related subject... we both were struggling with the starving artist life style, we both love anime, we both graduated in the same year and we both want draw!


A: When I suggested this collaboration project, you seemed pretty surprised by my ambitions! Haha, how did you find your experience working with me this time around? 

Y: I think I was just overly excited! I love dresses in general (I mean who doesn't?) but I especially love the halloween dress you made last year with your own pattern design, its gorgeous! So to be able to make a dress with my bestie is like a dream come true! :D 
I'd say we are a good team! we never created anything as ambitious as this! I guess we work at a different pace usually so when we come together it was a new vibe. it was quite slow at the start like almost static haha!! I remember taking months to exchange sketches... *dress making in slow motion* but we needed that time to bring ideas together and get used to each other's working pace.  It was just super fun working with you

A: What were your expectations vs reality on working on this type of collaboration since it’s so different to your usual work?

 Y: I had no solid expectations for collaboration projects! I knew that were going to make a dress and it would be really fun making it. I just took it as an adventure! like the straw hats sailing to the next island! (sorry for the one piece reference)

A: How did you feel about modelling for our collaboration?

Y: I loved our shoot because Callum and Dylan (our photographer and his assistant) are super nice and chilled! And the fact that I have you made it less nervous and more fun for me! But I have to admit I felt awkward posing haha! As someone who always works behind the scenes I am so not used to being in front of the camera. 

A: What are your thoughts on the slow fashion movement and how it connects to artists like us?

Y: Is this a dissertation question? I think slow fashion is more of an art project with a minimal business budget for survival whereas fast fashion is just pure business. We are artists who just love art and love creating art. With the minimal business mindset in slow fashion it keeps us alive so we can keep creating, doing what we love doing :) 


A: What are your favourite mediums to create your work with?

Y: I love fine liners I often use it for warm up drawings and brain storms in my doodle book. Otherwise I mainly use my Wacom to draw on photoshop. Nothing fancy really. 

A: I already know ;) but why did you became an illustrator and what were you doing beforehand? 

Y: I was working in the film industry for a while after I graduated and it sucked so much. I have always loved drawing and anime was probably what's given me the push to become an illustrator myself! 


 A: Tell us a little more about your characters Hibud and Ramen Friends.

Y: In yoyo fantasy land, Ramen Friends are a group of friends who live in a big buzzing city (like london). They all came from different places and have different backgrounds. Living in a big city can be very lonely, so Ramen Friends don't like eating dinner alone. Of course their fave dinner is ramen. Hibud is a seasonal plant creature and he is friends/flat mate with Cosmo (one of the ramen friends, the green one)


A: What’s next for Yoyo The Ricecorpse?

Y: More concept drawings for now but I am gearing up for getting back to my comic story and more cute merch! 

Our Cake Dates collaboration is still available for another week!

  • You can pre-order them HERE.
  • Alternatively,  you can check out Yoyo's website at where you can see her other work (or order our preorder on her website too!)

Many thanks to those of you reading my new blog!
Would you like to see me collaborate more with Yoyo?
Or with other Artists?! Comment below and let me know your thoughts :)



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