What Once Was / "Mono No Aware" Giclee Print


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Mono No Aware is a japanese word/phrase that combines mono, or ‘thing’, with aware, which means sensitivity or sadness, to connote a pathos engendered by a sense of the fleeting nature of life. This gentle sadness accompanied by a sense of the transitory nature of beauty lies at the heart of Japanese culture. Accepting this impermanence can lead to a sense of joy in the present moment, however insubstantial it may be, and even a recognition that beauty and in-transience are two parts of a whole.

  • These are high quality giclee prints on beautiful textured Hahnemühle German etching paper.
  • Printed directly here in London!
  • This print is 8.3" X 8.3" and does not come with a frame.
  • All prints will be printed as the orders come in and will be dispatched roughly 5-10 working days after you order. *Disclaimer* *Please understand the image shown is just a mock up and is not a perfect representation of size.*