Tokyo Dreaming 4-colour Riso Print


Image of Tokyo Dreaming 4-colour Riso Print

Riso print designed exclusively alongside a mini collection for Brighton shop Family Store! My mini collection “Alxndra’s Guide to Happy Living” was commissioned by the cool guys at Family Store to be a part of their Projects #2 collaboration collection where I get to be part of a cool collective of different artists to design especially for them!
This design was simply inspired by the fact that Japan is consistently a big inspiration for me. I often sit and daydream about my last trip that I took there and obviously wish towards my next. Sometimes a little daydream at your desk is the best way to cheer yourself up :)

Other items in my Fam Store Collab collection include a pin, an embroidered cap, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. All available exclusively on their website:

Print size: A3
Printed by Dopple Press on 100% recycled stock!