Unisex Silver Skull Ring

£80.00 GBP

  • Image of Unisex Silver Skull Ring
  • Image of Unisex Silver Skull Ring

From my debut fine jewellery collection - the Unisex Skull Signet Ring.
This was one of the first designs I created for this collection, born from original ideas based on my usual skull drawings that I am always doodling in my sketchbooks. I had an excitement of my first ever impending jewellery collection and the thoughts that it would one day be real (here we are!), I wanted to have a couple pieces in my first ever collection that tipped its hat and gave a nod to classically themed jewellery design. Skulls within design always stand the test of time and hopefully you think so too! :)

These rings are hand-cast from solid sterling silver in the UK.
If you wish to have solid gold or platinum instead, this can be an option but it is priced separately on request. All you have to do is email for details.

Please bear in mind that the size you require might not always be in stock and will have to be made before being shipped. This can take up to 1-3 weeks before shipment. Email if you have any questions. If you are not sure about which size you need, you can either go into any jewellery shop and ask to find your size OR you can order one of my ring sizers for reference. These cost £3 but come with a little discount code card to redeem your £3 back on ANY order with your next purchase :)
If you only want to place an order for a ring sizer please email me for the free shipping code.*

Each piece of ALXNDRA jewellery comes with branded packaging to help keep your purchase in top condition. They are also sent via tracked and signed delivery every time. 💖

Please note that silver metal is subject to oxidation which is a natural process of the metal. To become oxidised means that on exposure to oxygen in the air, silver naturally can turn black/dirty on the outside. Don’t worry this is normal and there is nothing wrong with your jewellery, it is just the nature of silver! This can be easily fixed by simply washing it with soap and water or giving it a good polish with a silver cloth :)
The best way to look after your jewellery is to put it away (in a box or a pouch) when not wearing and to refrain from spraying your perfume directly onto them as the chemicals can be damaging over long term use.

*This offer is only subject to the ring sizer

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