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Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf

£20.00 GBP

  • Image of Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf
  • Image of Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf
  • Image of Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf
  • Image of Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf
  • Image of Kokeshi Doll Furoshiki Gift Wrap/Scarf

Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. With it's deep history rooted in bundling up your clothes when visiting a sento (japanese public baths), Furoshiki and the over-a-thousand-year-old art of wrapping is fast having a come back to become the most beautifully efficient and oldest way of eco gift wrapping!
In a modern world where we are constantly trying to find new ways to use less plastic and up our recycling footprint, wrapping gifts in high quality, REUSABLE fabric seems like a no brainer!
Why waste wrapping paper (which is often covered in a thin layer of non-recyclable plastic!) when you can wrap a gift nicely with just a few quick knots. It looks great and you can either give the recipient the furoshiki as a bonus gift or ask for it back to be used again! It can even be used to make your own makeshift bags or you could wear it as a scarf or (my personal favourite) a head scarf!

When I was traveling in Japan in the summer, it was incredible to see so many beautifully designed fabrics everywhere for this purpose exactly! I was inspired to start creating my own and I hope you guys agree with my passion.

The scarfs come in 2 different sizes:
52x52cm size 1
72x72cm size 2

Size 1 is great for wrapping small gifts; like a pair of Noodle Hoops in their gift box, a neatly wrapped Always Ramen Tee or a Tora Denim Clutch! (Also great for bento boxes, boxed candles or for head scarf wearing!)

Size 2 is great for wrapping medium gifts; like a neatly folded Kitsune Sukajan Bomber Jacket or Dango Kana Shirt! (Also great for a wine bottle, box of chocolates or book... also scarf wearing of course)

My Furoshiki scarfs can be ordered separately (for your own try at Japanese gift wrapping!) or alternatively I can gift wrap it for you!
Please select the sized scarf you need + the "Gift Wrap by me!" option to your cart. Add into your comment box which items from your order you would like me to wrap for you otherwise I will just wrap it all! :)
If you're not sure which size you need, don't hesitate to email me before you place your order.

The following items in my shop are not available for this type of "Gift Wrap by me!" option.
- Any and all prints.
- Denim Noh Coat.
If you dismiss this notice, your added gift wrap price will be automatically partially refunded and your folded Furoshiki scarf will just be added to your order as an add on.