Hello! "Alxndra" is run single handedly by your's truly, Alexandra Cook. I am a London based freelance illustrator and designer. And, in my spare time Creative Director for London based band ZOOFAN and freelance print designer for fashion designer SABINNA. I have a background and degree in fashion and textiles being a graduate from London College of Fashion. 

ALXNDRA is a season-less street wear/accessories brand. An East meets West aesthetic drawing inspirations from Japanese culture and "Kawaii". Creating key pieces with a 'slow fashion' ethos Alxndra experiments to update classic pieces, injecting excitement into your everyday wear. Feminine details also soften up edges allowing for a semi unisex appeal. With an enjoyment of contrast, Alxndra plays with combating stereotypes. Mixes of pop colours, pastels and child-like illustrations seamlessly blend with an overall minimalist aesthetic.

All products and designs on this website are drawn/designed/imagined by myself and are either made by me or produced in the UK.

Please feel free to contact me for commission or wholesale enquiries via my contact page or email me at